Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I’m already subscribed, how do I start using the app?
    If you have an active subscription, please set your personal details as if you’re a new user, but when you get to the payment screen, click on the 'Restore purchase' button (at the bottom of the payment screen) to be able to get back to your account and continue using your subscription plan. Keep in mind that you need to be signed in with the same Apple ID that you purchased the application with.
  2. I appear to be logged out of the app, how do I proceed?
    If you have an active subscription and appear to be logged out of the app, please follow these steps:
    1. Set your personal details as if you’re a new user until you get to the payment screen.
    2. After making sure you’re using the same Apple ID, click on the 'Restore purchase' button (at the bottom of the payment screen).
    Ta-dah! You are back to your account 🙌
  3. How do I cancel my subscription?
    We hate to see you go, but if you need to cancel your membership, please follow these instructions provided by Apple. When you cancel a subscription, you’ll still be able to use the app for the time you’ve already paid for. Please note that we, as the Application Developer, are not able to manage users’ subscriptions - only users themselves can change or cancel their purchases in their Apple ID settings.
  4. How do I request a refund?
    If you have purchased a subscription and would like to request a refund, you have to do it directly through Apple supportt. As the Application Developer, we do not have access to users’ payment details and we are not in a position to handle billing issues, including issuing a refund.
  5. How do I change the initially set parameters?
    You can change your fitness level (beginner, intermediate, advanced), personal details (gender, height, weight), or measurement units in the settings of the app (‘Settings’ - ‘Personal Details’). To change your target weight goal, please go to the ‘Weight’ tab - ‘Goal’ button (in the upper right corner of the screen).
  6. There are multiple suggested workouts for a day, so which one should I do?
    Every day the plan offers you main and additional activities - you're not supposed to do them in a row, it's ok to complete them at different times of the day. The activities are placed in order of importance: the workout that goes first is the main activity for the day, all the other workouts are additional ones that you can complete if you have the time and desire to do them. Don’t forget that it is always a good idea to warm up your body before the workout and cool it down after. Please note that all the workouts are recommendations and you should give your body time to recover if needed.
  7. I missed my workout and now the day is set as a ‘rest day,’ how do I change that?
    Our app works in such a way that if you haven't completed the workout for that day, it is automatically set as a rest day and the workout will be rescheduled to the next time you are supposed to do that type of workout according to your plan. Therefore it gives you an opportunity to work out whenever you can or want to and you won’t miss anything. You arrange your workout schedule, so you can train every day or just three times a week. It is always up to you.
  8. I’d like to report a problem, how do I do that?
    If you’re noticing any unusual behavior of the app and would like to report a problem, please provide as many details as possible: - Your device’s model, operating system, and version;
    - The app version you’re using;
    - Indicate if it’s a new install or an updated version;
    - A description of the steps you are taking when this issue appears.
    Attach a screen video or screenshots - that would really help us identify the issue as quickly as possible. All this information is crucial for us to find the root cause of the issue.